Leaving soon

After a very emotional goodbye with my parents, sister and girlfriend. I’m sitting in the airport with a chai from Starbucks in a surprisingly nice waiting area with swivel chairs and my own table, plus chargers in the center of the table.

Boarding starts in half an hour. It hasn’t yet hit me that I will be gone from home for over six months. 

First stop: Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. I will be staying there for 3 weeks. Off the grid. Should get my some good grounding in calm and mindfulness before the bulk of my trip.

My next blog post probably won’t be until I’m back in London. See you soon! 


Welcome to my blog!

On July 18th I leave for a six (and a half) month trip around the world.

My first stop is in England, I’ll be staying at the Buddhist monastery Amaravati for 3 weeks. Afterwards I will make my way through London, the rest of England, and Scotland, and onwards to Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand. I plan to keep this blog updated as often as I can manage. Though due to not being able to use phones in monasteries, as well as some national parks, there will be times where I will be off the grid for up to three weeks at a time.

The idea for the trip started out in late 2016 when I was contemplating the idea of becoming Buddhist monk. My idea was to visit various different monasteries, stay at them for long periods and get a sense of what it would be like to live that life style. Through that I hoped to gain a sense of whether or not I would like to become a monk, and if so, where I might want to do it.

At this point I haven’t had a serious thought about becoming a monk in several months. But as a serious Buddhist I’m looking forward to experiencing the supportive environment that is conducive to a strong Buddhist practice. Additionally there is always the possibility that I will end up changing my mind and become a Buddhist monk, who knows?

In addition to visiting monasteries, I plan to do a lot of hiking in national parks, I’ll be staying in many cities including London, Bangkok, and Melbourne, meeting new people and more! I’m also hoping to visit the great barrier reef. Visit Itinerary for a more detailed layout of my current trip plan.

This blog will probably be a mix of sharing my experience on the Buddhist path, pictures of my hikes and the cities I’m visiting. As well as any other stories I think are interesting.